Monday, July 16, 2007

A Veteran of the "Forgotten War"

Detail of the Korean War Memorial, East Capitol Campus

This is one of several war memorials on the East and West Campuses. The memorial was not placed on the campus and dedicated until 1993. Roughly 122,000 Washington soldiers served in Korea, now often referred to as "the forgotten war"—532 of these troops were killed. The Highway-Licenses Building is in the background.


Jilly said...

This is a very moving statue. A very tough war and it shows on the guy's face.

(ps. I'd not dream of deleting your comment on Cannons! I agree!)

Anonymous said...

The statue rings a bell with me since I was in the Army then. I like it and your photo of it as well as the description you gave. Nice post.

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Neva said...

I love statues...this one is awesome.