Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Prop me up!

Elderly tree on the West Capitol Campus

At least a couple of the older trees on the campus have one or more posts supporting their ancient, heavy lower branches. At it's age, this tree has certainly survived many storms and I like to think it has witnessed a never ending parade of events -- leisurely strolls, political rallies and demonstrations, office worker lunches, whispered conversations, posing for photographers.

In the background, you can just make out a winding river of 4,000 metal wheat stalks that are part of the state's World War II Memorial. I'll post at least one more photo of that memorial sometime in the next few days.


Zsolt said...

old large trees are very impressive to me. They witnessed so much!

Neva said...

An interesting point of view...I love the way you look under it to see the memorial. Nice.