Friday, July 20, 2007

Every day's a celebration

Tivoli Fountain, West Capitol Campus

This replica of a Roman-style fountain located in Tivoli Park, Copenhagen, Denmark was dedicated in 1953. It features an outer ring of 540 jets which create an umbrella of water, and inside of this are two rings of vertical spray jets rising out of large, tulip-shaped copper tubs. In the center of the fountain is its most striking feature, a central spout that shoots water approximately 25 feet into the air. All of the sprays alternately rise and fall together, creating five different artistic water displays while circulating 600 gallons of water a minute.

The fountain operates between April 1 and October 30 each year.


GMG said...

Don't know how did I get here, but it was a wonderful surprise. Sorry to confess that had never seen any picture from the capital of the Washington State – for a foreigner when people thinks of cities in WA, it’s Seattle that comes to mind (loved to visit it in 2002)
Anyhow, your pictures are great and give a wonderful view of the town. Also loved the photos of the trees, park, forest, and in particular the lavender; it makes sense, I believe, as I’ve been posting on Provence, France at the Blogtrotter
Take care and enjoy your weekend!

Beetle said...

What a NICE fountain and you captured it well...

Thank You for watched the fireworks with us!

lv2scpbk said...

I like this fountain.

Hyde DP said...

I don't know why but I never thought much about fountains until this last couple of years and now am thoroughly fascinated by them.