Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Westlake Mall, Seattle

I happened to be in downtown Seattle last week (hope Kim will forgive me for poaching on her territory). The bicyclist isn't really levitating, but those manhole covers look like shadows and he seems to float.


Ch√Ęteau-Gontierdailyphoto said...

Nice amazing shot.
I had to enlarge it to understand the miracle...wonderful

zentmrs said...

Great optical illusion!! Did you know it was going to come out like that?

Lothiane said...

wow, it does look like he's floating! I had to take a closer look to see what it was really like. Very good shot, it got my attention. By the way, this seems like a nice place. :)

joy said...

You took that shot just in time!

Norwich Daily Photo

Lavenderlady said...

Wow...what a difference an enlargement makes...you had me going there.

Wendy said...

Neat photo - it does appear the bicycle is off the ground. The timing of the photo, bike and manhole covers was all together.